Carpet Installation

Carpet Installation


Carpet installation

Go With Brooklyn Rug Clean For Your Carpet Installation Service

We have been installation carpets for many years and have come to the conclusion that all a customer wants is good service, high quality and a fair price.

We at Brooklyn Rug Clean offer all that and more. We consider our customer family and will treat them as such.

Carpet Installation:

Most commercial businesses are looking for 20 ounce, basic commercial carpets. Why 20 ounce? Because it is much less expensive than a 26 ounce carpet but the value shows.

Carpet installation in brooklyn

That is why we offer 26 ounce carpet at 20 ounce pricing.

20 ounce carpet is as thin as paper and therefore more likely to rip, unravel and harder to clean.


We have many different colors, patterns and pricings to choose from.

An estimator would have to see the site, measure, show you samples and finally give you a price.

Details can be given when the estimator visits or an estimate can be emailed or fax to you within 24 hours of the visit.

After The Initial Consultation:

If at the time of the estimate you agree with the cost and the process, if you would like you can place the order at the same time.

Carpet Installation

After the order has been placed our mill will cut the carpet to the specific size requested.

The carpet will be installed within a few days.

Installation Day:

The installer will contact you when the carpet is ready for installation, You let him know what day and time is good for you.
He will arrive, move the furniture, rip up and dispose of the old carpet then install your new carpet.

Together with our staff we will help you chose the best commercial installation that will give your carpet its best look.

We guarantee you competitive rates, honest service, amazing carper, safe products, a fast and reliable all around experience.

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