Drapery and Blinds Cleaning

Drapery and Blinds Cleaning


Drapery & Blinds Cleaning With Special Discounts in Brooklyn

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At Brooklyn Rug Clean we clean all window treatments, including but not limited all drapery and blinds. We offer on site and off site cleaning. We offer free estimates, free removal and free re-installation and ofcourse free pick-up and delivery.

We clean all sorts of fabric and non-fabric window treatments with guaranteed results and no shrinkage.

Professional cleaning and repairs:

Along with cleaning we do offer window treatment repair and restoration services. Once inspected, a cost and time frame will be issued. If at that point you agree with the process, time frame and cost we will go forward with the service.

Depending on what you would like done, usually, most cleanings can be done on site, this will cut costs significantly. If the service cannot be done on site the estimator will let you know how long it will take for your window treatments to be returned.

Avoid overwhelming experience:

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Please avoid Do It Yourself cleaning procedures, they will do more harm than good. Cleaning or washing drapery normally sounds complicated. It is actually tough and dangerous to wash them in a washing machine.

This hand-operated washing will make you exhausted and also disappointed. Keep in mind, we give a much better solution within this matter.

In the 20 + years we have been in business, I do not think I have ever gotten a call from a happy DYI cleaning process. Leave it to the experts, don?t overwhelm yourself with cleaning and drying of window treatments, it never works out well.

Our specialized cleaners are in a position to serve customers in Brooklyn and do the right job the first time.

Window Treatment we clean and repair:

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1" and 2" Horizontal Blinds (vinyl, metal, wood)
Vertical Blinds (vinyl and fabric)
Roller Shades (vinyl and fabric)
Roman Shades
Pleated and Cellular Shades
Silhouette Shades
Luminette Shades
Sheer and Fabric Curtains and Drapes
Theatre Drapes and Curtains
Motorized Shades

Together with our staff we will help you chose the best window treatment cleaning that will give your home its best look.

We guarantee you competitive rates, honest service, amazing cleaning, safe products, a fast and reliable all around experience.

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